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Open a support account with the Live Oak team and you could be instantly benefitting from

  • Access to our Support Knowledgebase
  • Log and track support calls by all your Engineers
  • The Live Oak newsletter.. receive eMail and SMS notification of bug fixes, new developments and releases etc
  • A private and secure online area to store your own documents, manuals, software backups etc for 24/7 retrieval
  • Centrally manage all of your software and hardware vesrsions and releases, all secure and 24/7
  • Chat to our Engineers online.. no eMail delay and no expensive international call charges 

Let us...

  • Manage your documentation for you, and provide you with an online library for your Engineers to access 24/7
  • Manage your software versions and provide you with disaster recovery solutions
  • Manage your Automation spares requirements, and automatically inform you when parts go obsolete and what the upgrade paths are
  • Translate your documentation into your local language, so your Engineers can read it and use it more easily 

to your personal support area

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