Integrator Liaison
Do you have a new project with multiple vendors?

Does your project have multi-national vendors with their project teams supplying components from different sub-companies spread around the world?

Are your Project Engineers too busy to manage what your suppliers are engineering?

Is the technology too new to your Plant Engineers for them to understand what they are getting?

If so the Live Oak team can provide you with an Integrator Liaison service, specifically tailored to your project, to ensure that...

  • Your Electrical and Automation suppliers provide you with fit-for purpose solutions
  • Each Vendor and sub-vendor solution integrates optimally to provide you with an easy to maintain plant that meets your expectations
  • Your Engineers understand the solutions and identify potential issues early on in the design, test, installation or commissioning project phases
  • Ensure that design changes are technically solved optimally for you, minimising over-run and surcharge costs to your project
  • Ensure that Final Acceptance Tests work for you


    Let Live Oak help you get the most out of your project